6 Tips to stay positive and strengthen your immune system in challenging times

Are you aware of how your positive thoughts will affect things positively?

We all know it that are two worlds and two worlds of views if I simplify it here:

1) the rational, material and visible, tangible one and

2) the energetical, non-tangible, invisible one (well at least for many people it is not tangible, because for people who work with energy and are very intuitive like empaths, INFPs and highly sensitives, for instance, it is).

We currently get a lot of messages with very practical and hands-on advice to stay safe and do our best in these challenging times. And that is good and really important! Scientists and doctors are doing their best to find a solution, and you are taking care of yourself and your family. I refer to this as the first world, the rational one. However, I believe this is not enough. You need also get concerned of the second world and if you do not know it well, I invite you to take it seriously, as it is particularly important at this time.
“Everything is energy, and there is nothing more to say about it. If you settle into the frequency of reality that you seek, you cannot prevent it from manifesting itself. It can not be otherwise. It is not philosophy. It’s physics. Albert Einstein would have said and we must not forget it now, but keep that in mind every minute!

From a law of attraction point of you, all you think, you create, where you put your energy on, you might attract and if it is emotionally charged a lot, the probability might be even higher. Fear is one of the lowest vibrations, but powerful.

It is really really important that you keep your vibrations high and you watch very closely your thoughts.

It is really really important that you keep your vibrations high and you watch very closely your thoughts. Stop talking about the issue (and I keep it here like Harry Potter never pronouncing the name of..be harry, too.) Stop focussing your energy on it! It is really essential that you focus on positive, happy thoughts. I know it is easy to get trapped into it, me too, at some moments I lose my calm not because of my own fears but of all those negative thoughts of other people and messages. However, the more people focus on the negative and put energy, their fears in it the worse it will become (from an energetical point of view). So you need to turn things around and be positive. STOP giving energy by your thoughts, words etc. into it.

Here are six tips that can help in addition to factual and rational advice (like washing hands, staying at home etc. ) and that is proven by the way by researchers, too (-: And even if you do not believe in it, it cannot harm. So give it a try.

Foster positive thoughts because this will have a positive impact on your immune system:

1) Watch only positive things on TV! and Listen to positive music, my favorite Disney and Bocelli “we believe”, “the prayer”, “I believe”, “dare to live”
2) Spread love by thanking, being kind and loving with people around you, love has the highest vibration!
3) Strengthen your lungs and immune system, get rid of any blockages in this area by doing energy work with an experienced professional.
4) Get rid of your fears by energy work and mind work. Please feel free to watch my free subliminal videos on youtube or to contact me for private online sessions.
5) Visualize your happy, healthy & successful future every day twice by using all your senses eg. in May you are lying at the beach with your family, you are happy, healthy, you are safe; Remember athletes are doing this all the time!
6) Pray in a positive way: according to researchers people who pray are healthier (https://www.huffpost.com/entry/why-people-who-pray-are-heathier_b_1197313)! Give it a try.

Stay positive and foster your energy on the positive. From my point of view, this is very important (of course take all precautions!) and it can only be positive. Remember what Einstein said, it is physics. (-:

This advice DOES NOT replace medical treatment. Please see a doctor immediately in case of problems.