Are you a highly sensitive person

Strategies to stop being rejected with your gift

By Julia Noyel

Are you highly sensitive and rejected? Strategy for daily survival when interacting with people who do not understand your gift e.g. rationals & co.-



Are you a highly sensitive person and wonder how to thrive as a highly sensitive person? Do you wonder how to be understood in how you feel emotions? Do you feel rejected, because you are different? In this article, I will give you some tips and ideas about how to better face everyday situations with others as a highly sensitive person.

You want that people finally start telling you how beautiful you are, I mean you and your sensitivity, you want to be accepted, appreciated!

Have you heard tipps such as?

1. Accept that your perceptions, your tastes are different. Teasing may displease you, the other does not have the same sensitivity, did not think, does not live in your world.
2. Try humor (first degree). Humor is a great way to relax the situation. Kidding. Thus, you will be less serious and this will help you talk about issues that concern you in a lighter way.
3. Use non-violent communication. I know, when you feel hurt or misunderstood, emotions can ride like a storm and feel strong in your body. Instead of saying, “you gave me …” say “I feel uncomfortable because I need …” Talk about yourself and how you feel.
Stay true to yourself.
4. Especially do not harden you, because you may cut yourself off from your emotions which can have a negative impact on your health and well being. Rest assured, you are not too nice for this world. You have values that are good values that make the world more loving and caring. The world needs people like us.
5. Make meditation, yoga, or relaxation.


Sounds nice, doesn’t it?


Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, specialist INFP, highly sensitive, creatives, empathsWhat worked for me is to getting to the roots. Working on what attracted the rejection might be helpful to solve this definitely.

From my point of view and experience what is helpful for permanent change for the better is to learn tools to build inner SUBSTANCE.


My tipp: Work on building inner SUBSTANCE, and set a solid foundation for leading a happy, healthy & successful life, increasing your self-esteem & self-confidence. 





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