How to find a true love and be the best partner?

How to find a true love and be the best partner by julia noyel number 1

Wondering how to find a true love and be the best partner? You dream of true deep romance, the one you can find in fairy tales, but you always meet the wrong partner or fail in love, suffer from toxic relationship patterns (cheating, narcissist, no desire or romance, emotional unavailable, unstable, suddenly does not want any children or live  together,  anger, runner) what ultimately transforms you into a ‘not the best version of yourself’-partner? You know the I scream, I spend my time of being angry etc. partner? Sounds familiar?

What if I told you that you can actually get control back over things, get YOUR power back and get a strategy and tools that actually work, find a true deep love for a life time and be the best  partner? Oh, yeah, I believe you absolutely can. I am a believer and true love seeker. I noticed people who fail over and over again in reaching their goal of having true deep love in their life all seem to make the same mistakes and I did, too! In my previous article, I already mentioned 3 of 9 mistakes I observed people make who want to have a long-term relationship. (Check this article out here.) Today I wanna discuss 3 further mistakes to overcome in love to allow the success for a happy lifetime relationship.

3 main mistakes when  it  comes to love


If you struggled and failed over and over again you might wonder why? From my observations and intuitive insights, it is iimportant to work on the following 3 points to succeed in love.

1. Feeling powerless and not changing this
2. Blaming the partners
3. Wanting it simple, not wanting to put effort in

Let’s discuss more in detail what I mean by each of those.

Feeling powerless and not changing this

What I have noticed for myself but also in my role as inner SUBSTANCE Coach (focus self-esteem & mindset) and founder of SUBSTANCEMIND®, many people feel powerless in their love life and believe they cannot impact things. They go through life with a fixed mindset as Carol Dweck, Stanford University psychologist called it.

Blaming the partners

Many people blame others for their own failure. It is the other man’s or woman’s fault because she or he is cheating, a narcissist, there is lack of desire or romance, the other is emotional unavailable for mentioning only some reasons that should be responsible for repeated failure.

Wanting it simple, not wanting to put effort in

I have observed: many people want it simple in life and have a focus on short-term. This means they quickly give up when things get rocky and throw even the love of their life or romantic lifelong potential relationship away.

What is about you? Do you or the man or woman of your life make one of the above mistakes? Take a moment to reflect on this. So? (-: Go(o)d that you are here. Let’s get your love life back under control,
 be happy, healthy and succeed in your goals!

How to find a true love
and be the best partner?

So how to find a true love and be the best partner? Well let me share a secret with you. Whereas the three above mistakes might sound logical from my observations and intuitive insights and discussions with my team those mistakes cover an important truth. So if you wanna change the pattern and avoid the above mentioned mistakes you need to dig deep and understand this truth.

Dig deep and understand the truth.

Finding THE truth and getting true love back into my life after having failed for so many years, not knowing why things didn’t work with my ex-husband and with all the other men I had met, was life-changing to me.

Ask yourself the question: How would standing in the light of truth make me feel?

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life I am the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life & SUBSTANCEMIND®, Expert in body-mind soul communication), a highly intuitive & inner SUBSTANCE Coach (Expert in Self-esteem & Strong Mindset).

From my experience it can be a bit scary, kind of feeling vulnerable, but once you dare it, miracles will happen in your life. Changing my perceptions definitely helped me. I believe, when you work on the right issues, you will succeed. You will not only get a true love into your life but also become a much better version of yourself and the best partner! That’s my experience.

Imagine what it would feel like if you knew exactly what to do to get things back under control and to find a true love and be the best partner?

“I show you how to clear the air, release what is not yours,
recuperate from failure, claim your body and your mind,
use your dreamer capacity, extra-ordinary creativity,
powerful energy and playfullness to create the relationship
 you had always dreamt of.” – Julia Noyel

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