I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

by Julia Noyel

Are you seeing spiritual marks and you wonder ‘how can this be?’  My name is Julia I’m the founder of the art of a different, happy, healthy, and successful life.  I am glad that you are here. In this article I share with you my experience and insights on the question ‘I see spiritual marks – how can this be?’

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

From my own experience, seeing spiritual marks is an extraordinary experience and  I can imagine how you feel because when it happened to me I asked myself this question ‘I see spiritual marks – how can this be?’

What I’ve noticed when this happened to me is that this question was not the best because basically when you ask yourself the question you try to understand something with your logical mind that you cannot truly answer at first.

Even if you will find some explanation for this because some people might try to explain this in some ways, from my experience and point of view this is not the best in the situation.

I see spiritual marks – how can this be?

For me things got better when I stopped asking myself the question how can this be and I focused on better questions.

Better questions for me are ‘why do I see Spiritual marks or to be more precise ‘what is the AIM or the purpose of making me see spiritual marks?’

The second question that was helpful was ‘how to deal with this?’

When I started asking myself those questions I noticed that this gave me first of all security and stability because I think that’s what you need in this kind of situation: to feel safe and secure and protected.

From my point of view, these two questions are better questions to ask in the situation than the question ‘I’m seeing spiritual marks how can this be?’

In my transformative coaching program ‘Spiritual Awakening with SUBSTANCEMIND®’ I help you to answer the question ‘why do I see spiritual marks or what’s the aim of seeing spiritual marks’. I believe it’s important to understand this and take this into consideration. I will share with you how to deal with spirit marks so that you can get some clarity and you understand the purpose of making you see spiritual marks. In this program, I share with you my experience, my knowledge, and the wisdom and insights I have had during the spiritual awakening that helped me to handle this and to deal with this, how I have learned to communicate with the universe.

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