Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

Three personal Tips when you are highly intuitive

by Julia Noyel

Hi my name is Julia and I am highly intuitive. In this article, I want to share with you three tips that helped me.

Are you highly intuitive and do you sometimes feel alone? Let me share with you 3 tips as a highly intuitive.

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Three personal tips when you are highly intuitive

1) Know you have a deep loving source

Highly intuitive means to be guided by a deep loving source making you become a strong leader to yourself, others. Knowing you have this deep loving source, becoming truly conscious, aware of this source is truly helpful.

You might have used it naturally for many years without thinking about it, but once you completely understand the true power you can use it to create a happy, healthy & successful life.

2) Be true to yourself even when others don’t believe in your insights

Being highly intuitive, stay true to yourself even when others do not believe in you.

You need to stand strong to what you feel, see and hear, know, even if your sole proof is what you have: your intuition.

Having a strong mindset and kind heart, believing in yourself, trust you.rself in your insights, still by using your logical mind.

Sometimes you might be able to prove it, what is excellent, what is important is to use your intuition in healthy, safe ways, do good things, make good decisions, such to prevent any negative outcomes.

3) Be thankful for your gift, the strong connection with god creator of all that is

Being highly intuitive is for me one of the most important gifts 🎁 universe gave me along with the love inside my body, my heart, and my soul.

Being connected to god creator of all that is, the universe, spiritual realm, my team is the most wonderful thing I ever had.

It is so much love, respect, protection that cannot be explained, expressed by words. It is something to be gone through I think.

My tip: master your unique talent well.

You want to use your Intuition have true deep love in your life, be successful in your life?

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