Why am I always attracting the wrong partner

Why am I always attracting the wrong partner

Why am I always attracting the wrong partner

by Julia Noyel

You are wondering why you always attract the wrong partner? Maybe you have already read a bunch of articles and always came through the same kind of advice: your shadow sides, you feel unworthy, lack self-esteem, and are too perfectionistic to name only a few… In this article, I will share with you my personal experience and solutions.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeHaving known this pattern of attracting the wrong partner in the past and after having overcome the pattern successfully, I cannot confirm the above-mentioned reasons. During my own journey I have often asked myself the question, “Why am I always attracting the wrong partner?”, and what I found out when I started to work on my project to succeed in my love life finally, was far from the above-mentioned reasons or what was largely said on the internet.

Do you have the impression of having been misled and tried different approaches and tools (such as e.g. hypnosis working on your self-esteem, psychotherapy, mind tools, eft, communication training), always hoping to finally definitely solve it? After trial and error and not getting the quick fix, you finished getting the famous onion and layers explanation when finally the quick fix did not come as expected.

‘Today I know no matter what the issue is I can solve it.’- Julia Noyel

When I arrived at this point, I finally asked myself the question ‘how to fix it all for good’. So I believe this question is much more efficient if you want to solve it. Honestly, lifelong learning and discovering is nice and inspiring but for me came a moment, where I thought, now I want to stop learning and live, enjoy my life fully with the man of my life and children, knowing that what I share with my clients definitely works. So I built myself a strategy to do a complete reset.

The outcome…it was a challenging project but at least I was successful. My life changed for the better in all areas of my life. The best experience for me was, I did not feel the need to try out any further approaches and go through the trial and error over and over again.

Today I know no matter what the issue is I can solve it. And that is a good thing. The feeling of autonomy and power, clarity and direction. Whereas before I felt like swimming in the ocean without any direction, I know where I go. I have a strategy and SUBSTANCE. In my 10-month program to get true love back, and success on all levels, I will share with you the strategy and approach I have used and will help you to develop your own innovative approach, so you get clarity and direction and can solve it on your own, as I did. Please feel free to check out my program here.

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