Happy couple – How do I get my man to stop staring at other women ?

Happy couple – How do I get my man to stop staring at other women

Do you want a happy couple? Does your man look at other women? Happy couple – How do I get my man to stop staring at other women and looking at me passionately?

You can be with a man who looks at you passionately. Who values you and who shows you their care and appreciation every day. Are you tired of being around a man who stares at other women? Who when you go out are LOOKING FORWARD elsewhere, who criticize you about your physique? Has your ex-husband looked at other women or are you feeling frustrated that your partner isn’t giving you the attention you deserve? Do these situations make you feel bad? Frustration, sadness, anger, fear. Why do other women seem to be valued and appreciated by their husbands? You see women around you who seem to have what you are looking for: to be admired and valued by a man! Wondering what is the secret?

Happy couple – How do I get my man to stop staring at other women and looking at me passionately?

I know very well how you feel. It is humiliating to be criticized for how you look or to be around a man who can’t get his eyes of other women. The first instinct of many women is trying to bring him closer, or starting a fight the evening ending in drama. They feel deprived of means, not being able to change their physique. The response of many women to this insensitive male behavior is to complain, throw a tantrum, yell, nod or cry with only one result: they feel even more pitiful than before, torn between accusing thoughts and self-doubts: I am too sensitive, I ask for too much, I take things too seriously, I am not good enough or accusing the man: what his .., it is not fair etc.

So they pose as a victim and give power to a man! After several flirts who always end up a bit the same way, they wonder how to find a man who looks at them passionately.

Change your posture and vibrations

How do you get your husband to stop looking at other women, or how do you finally find the man who is looking at you passionately? The solution may not be where you suspect it is. The question is not how to get your husband to stop looking at other women or how to FIND a man who looks at you passionately, but how to react differently or ATTRACT a man who looks at you passionately. The key is in your posture and your vibrations because what is happening to you is just a reflection of what is going on inside you and what you are vibrating! To attract a man who looks at you passionately all you need is a few tools to change your thoughts and vibrations. Once you figure out what to change and how to react to feel good about yourself, your husband can keep looking at other women and it won’t matter to your relationship. You’re going to attract healthier situations, and if your man is critical of your looks or isn’t paying attention to you, you’re going to react in a way that makes you feel good. You will be emotionally autonomous and you will feel powerful in these types of situations instead of posing as a victim.

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