Should I contact him – make your true love man commit

should I contact him- make your man commit by julia noyel


Wondering should I contact him – how to make your true love man commit? Are you tired of always taking the initiative with the man of your life? So, there’s this man you like a lot, your twin flame, your ex, and you feel things for him; you ask yourself, “Should I contact him? Should I chase this man? Should I ask him to meet and organize things? Invite him to eat at my house etc.? When will he do what he has to do?”



“True, deep romantic love is not a fairy tale but a choice.” –Julia Noyel

Do you dream of Prince Charming, who arrives on a white horse and knocks on your door on his knees, asking you for marriage? A romantic fairy tale scene that exists in movies, only? And absolutely possible. I believe so; true deep love is shown in movies and totally possible in real life. It’s not only a fairy tale. I don’t believe what other people say. I believe what is shown in the movies is reality if you claim it.

So if you are looking for true deep love, keep reading. If you dream of having it all: a deep and romantic love life, a happy, healthy, and successful family, fulfilled children, a peaceful and lasting “growing old together” relationship, a loving romantic spouse, being happy, healthy, and successful your career, you have come to the right place here.

My goal is to support you in reaching your goal of having perfection in your life. My mission is to promote kindness, peace, and love (romance) and make this world better. I am a seeker of truth and a promoter of “true love.” I believe that anything is possible, even after repeated failures, and I am passionate about supporting you to transform your love life and succeed, to create a perfect, lasting, happy, healthy, and successful life; a life based on kindness and true deep LOVE and romance.



Should I contact him – make your true love man commit


I know so well. The temptation is huge. If we love a man so deeply, we want to show him how much we wanna be with him. But there’s nothing more frustrating than courting a man who shows no romantic emotion and no sign of interest in us, who doesn’t put in the effort.

If you run after a man, you lose your femininity and your self-esteem. The moment I realized this, my love life changed!


Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life, specialist INFP, highly sensitive, creatives, empaths

“My motto: It’s the bee that comes to the flower
and not the other way around! -Julia Noyel


I believe, if you dream of true romantic love, like in a fairy tale, certain laws of life cannot be changed, particularly with regard to the relationship between a man and a woman: “It’s the bee that comes to the flower and not the other way around!”

So if you want true deep love and you dream of Prince Charming who arrives like in a fairy tale, putting constant and steady romantic effort to claim you as his wife, makes you and your couple an absolute priority, asking you for marriage, I believe it is time to change your perspective and allow change and transformation. Because running after a man is a perspective. The question is not so much about should I contact him or not, the question is about your vibes and your posture, your perspective. According to me it is all about the distribution of the roles and creating balance, your emotiions. To stay true to yourself and the deepest romantic values in your life, it is important to take a healthy perspective and get clear what running after a man means to you. It is all about your vibes and your posture.  

What do I mean? Take a flower as a metaphor. A flower is shining its beauty, it is steady, growing at it’s place. It is available and proud. Flowers often symbolize joy and beauty, love, romance. I believe if you’re like me, a divine feminine woman who wants to be at peace, and you want to be with a man who assumes his masculinity, who’s only waiting for one thing: to take the romantic lead in the relationship, don’t try to turn you into a nomadic flower or a bee! Take a beautiful flower attitude: be steady and stable, make others happy by your beauty and joy, your kindness, work on growing to become the best version to be proud. Show you are available and that you are proud. Changing your vibrations and attitude will help you.

In my program get true love back, I will show you how to become the absolute best versiion of yourself, how  I did this and you can, too. In my program I will share with you all my wisdom, my intuitive perceptions and my knowledge in a stimulating, inspiring, playful and effective way to help you to take the right actions towards your man.

A man who has understood who he really is will find all the means to prove it to you. He will take the bee attitude, put effort in, will work hard to prove you his love. He will fly over mountains for you; he will come to you like a bee to a flower again and again. He will do everything to prove that he will be the best choice among all these men. Instead of focusing on the question “how to move to chase your man,” focus on yourself and enter your feminine power: Take care of your beauty, create good healthy emotions, use your creativity to create your perfect future, and create good memories, attract your man and you will be amazed: suddenly, the man of your life will come to you.

During my intensive program get true love back, I will show you how to attract true love into your life to create a solid foundation for attracting the man of your life. How to have faith, collaborate with the divine, develop your wisdom and believe in your success. Learn here more about my program get true love back.

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