How to create a long-term relationship

Do you dream of a long-lasting relationship? All your relationships have failed, your current relationship is one thread? I know how you feel. For a long time, I had the same problem. My relationships were not working. Until the day I understood the secret: I call it Relational lines!

Well, what do I mean? People who exercise an extreme and dangerous sport like a parachute, KITE know it: You ALWAYS have to check your lines: No crossing, no knots otherwise you risk your life. If you are not adept at these sports just let me explain: if the lines are not properly connected, you can lose your control and have a serious, maybe even fatal accident.

Did you know that in a relationship it is the same? You have found someone and you think: that’s it! Finally, you fly! Attention! A relationship is fragile and if you want to build in the long term, it requires vigilance and permanent maintenance. A relationship is comparable to the lines linking the wing to the bar and the tip flange. What binds you to the other is the relationship! If you are unsure of the proper functioning, you are going to hurt yourself.

And you, have you thought about watching over the lines of your relationship?

Wondering what relational lines are? How to create a lasting relationship? For being able to build a happy, healthy and successful longlasting deep intimate relationship you need certain skills. Often we fail in our relationship because we have never learned the skills we need for creating a long-lasting relationship.

Do you want to learn more about how to:

  • create a deep intimate relationship in the long run?
  • resolve conflicts with your partner?
  • create a deep connection and a profound bond with your partner?
  • remove blocks and boredom in your relationship?
  • communicate to be heard and understood by your partner?
  • be authentic without playing power games in your relationship?
  • avoid relationship drama while communicating your feelings?
  • understand your relationship patterns?

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