INFP – How to be more feminine


INFP – How to be more feminine by Julia Noyel


INFP – How to be more feminine

by Julia Noyel

You are INFP, you have a psychic gift, you are highly sensitive? You are very intuitive, you want to be more feminine. In this article, I give you 3  tips to be more feminine.


1. Let emotions flow. 

From my experience what is helpful to feel more feminine is working on your emotions, feeling them fully.

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Ask yourself: how can I make my emotions flow freely in my body? What can I do feel deeply?

My tip: Work on feeling your emotions definitely on a permanent basis in safe healthy protected ways.


2. Show your real you

Another important thing that might be helpful is getting clarity about who you are truly. Be very clear about who you are, show your real you, to be truly authentic.


3. Speak up communicate in healthy ways

To be more feminine, working on your communication is helpful. Speak up for yourself. Communicate in healthy, safe, protected ways.

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