intuitive person 5 articles

intuitive healer 5 articles by Julia Noyel

intuitive person 5 articles

by Julia Noyel

You are highly intuitive, you want to have respect in your life, peace, harmony?

Donner de l’amour aide. Posez-vous de meilleures questions et créer des situations harmonieuses et paisibles.Hi I am Julia Noyel, I am glad that you are here.

In this article I have chosen 5 articles I have written for you to help you reach your goals now. Always remember, you are worth respect, kindness, true love, having children, a family, earn money with your passion. A lot of good things. You have an unique talent, use your talent wisely to help yourself, others, make this world a better world.

Here are the 5 articles:

Changing Your Life – How to make a difficult decision to move to true love and a lifetime Romantic Relationship

Happy couple – How do I get my man look at me passionately?

I am hearing voices – am I crazy?

Highly sensitive, creative, empath – How to manage your anger

Is listening to your intuition all you need when it comes to raising your children

Those were the 5 articles I have chosen for you. I hope they were helpful to you. If you need help, please feel free to check out my coaching cards & coaching programs.

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