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Expat Coach ZenExpat’ Lyon France

Hi I am Julia,

Julia Noyel Founder art of a happy, healthy, successful life, coach expats, Lyon INFP, intuitive, creatives, highly sensitives, empaths, mediums

founder of ZenExpat’ (Consultancy in Global mobility) & former Globility manager, specialist in international HR & relocation consultant, having worked for multinationals, with international children in international schools in Lyon, taught in famous business schools in Lyon and Paris International globility, people management having helped many people their families coming to Lyon France or going abroad.

I today coach people to help them help themselves to live a happy, healthy, successful life, to feel happy, healthy, success in their private life, have a happy relationship, happy, children, as well as a happy job.

Originary from Munich, Germany, I have been living in France for more than 20 years in Lyon, Paris, Cannes, Sophia Antipolis, but also lived in Innsbruck, Austria, Düsseldorf having worked for many expats their families coming from all different destinations (such as Germany, Switzerland, China, Sweden, India, UK, Canada Vancouver) working for various industries such as IT, services, Luxury, retail, automotive, biopharma sector.

If you are Expat, you live abroad in France or want to go abroad, you need support, clarity I help you

  • to get clarity
  • to adjust to the French culture, give yourself strength
  • to manage cultural differences
  • to get clarity on how to lead a happy, healthy, successful live in your new destination
  • to feel self-confident, strong
  • to feel safe, peaceful in your new living environment
  • to increase your self-worth
  • to find a job, create your business
  • to help you as a parent to help your children to feel good abroad especially in France
  • to be more efficient, organised, successful, a better communicator.

I have a master degree in international economics (specialisation in changement management & strategy), another one in global mobility  & labour law, as well as a certification as coach & psychological advisor. I know well the admin issues, also what it means physically, mentally, emotionally to go abroad. Contact me by email to see if I can help.

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Coach self-confidence happy couple parents Lyon highly sensitive expat infp twin flame

Coach self-confidence happy couple parents Lyon highly sensitive expat infp twin flame


I am Julia Noyel. Do you need support?

I am Coach certified psychological counselor. My company is based in Lyon I offer online coaching self-confidence happy couple parents Lyon highly sensitive expat infp twin flame in three langues, German, French, English.

Coach confiance en soi couple heureux parents Lyon hypersensible expat infpFormer international HR manager, founder of ZenExpat’ consultancy in global mobility & relocation, I offer today

Life Coaching for individuals online in regards to the following topics

self-confidence, success, love, happy couple, pregnancy, education, best parents.






Change your life with my coaching cards INFP Expat Highly sensitive Expat Realize your ideal life NOW by Julia Noyel

Topics we can discuss during a coaching

  • happy couple, get your ex back
  • handle emotions
  • realise your goals,  reach success
  • communicate efficiently
  • make your relationship work
  • change your life for the better
  • create a family, pregnancy, get pregnant naturally
  • organisation, efficiency
  • feminity, use your intuition
  • be a best parent
  • create your company, work on your own
  • have enough time for yoursself, your children, your relationship
  • highly sensitive, creative
  • manage your unique talent

contact me. (-:

5 sessions

(prepaid 5 sessions package)
1 hour sessions by visio
or phone.

simply contact me by email to book your coaching sessions.

600 EUR (VAT included)

Coaching 1:1

10 sessions

(prepaid 10 sessions package)
1 hours sessions by visio
or phone.

simply contact me by email to book your coaching sessions.

1100 EUR (VAT included)

Coaching 1:1


Julia Noyel Founder art of a happy, healthy, successful lifeJulia Noyel is German. She has been living in France for the past 20 years. She is certified Coach, psychological advisor, helds a certification in energy work as well as two master degrees in international economics, international labor law; Julia works today as Coach helping individuals to reach their life goals creating an ideal life. She has 17 years experience in the corporate, 10 years as a Coach, having worked for famous management consultancies as well multinational companies for various industries such as automotive, luxury, retail, service, IT sector as Coach, Consultant, Trainer, international HR & Global Mobility Manager, as well as Business School teacher for business school in Lyon & Paris, working also for international schools in Lyon with children from age 6 to 17. Her aim is to share her wisdom on how to master the art of a happy, healthy, successful life through her books, coaching programs, coaching tools (coaching cards, mini courses), to help people (especially highly sensitives, intuitives, Infps, creatives, empaths, all who feel different, twin flames) to help themselves, become truly autonomous to reach their goals Now.

SelfCOACHING Program Get true love back. Success on all levels by Julia Noyel

© Julia Noyel 2023. All rights reserved. Credit Photo profile picture:,
julia noyel