Welcome to Art of a different, happy, healthy life

You can transform your life right now, finally be yourself, create a life that makes you proud and happy. Being highly sensitive and creative and live a happy, healthy and successful life is possible.  

You are a passionate and intuitive person. You want to get to the bottom of things? You are emotional, creative and highly sensitive. Too much – you think! And you’re fed up! You finally want to feel ‘normal’, like others, feel happy, have SUCCESS, be AUTHENTIC, SELF-CONFIDENT, have more MONEY, more TIME, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS at work, an INTIMATE and deep love relationship, a happy family life? 

Are you tired of

  • not finding the right place,  feeling lonely and different?
  • playing a role that does not correspond to you, living a life that makes you unhappy?
  • conflicts at work, with your partner, children, not being heard and understood by others?
  • feeling insecure, not being able to see your own value?
  • not being seen or excluded by others?
  • criticisms and judgments of others who tell you to change?
  • anger, jealousy, anxiety, stress, frustration, loneliness?
  • mood swings (anger and sadness), pain such as headaches, stomach problems, back problems and chronic fatigue?  

It’s over!

Welcome to www.julianoyel.com –
Art of a different, happy & healthy life

www.julianoyel.com is for all those who are highly sensitive and creative, who need to live or work with them or simply feel different. I am here to show you how to be successful, create and lead a different, happy and healthy life and that through your DIFFERENCE.

From experience I know how we feel if we do not lead a life that suits us. We feel « bizarre », not « normal » and we are forced to adapt to fit into the mold. Then we fail, we lose confidence in ourselves, we no longer feel, we cut ourselves off from others, we are unhappy and we become ill. Today I live a life that makes me happy, but it has not always been like that. I spent years when I was unhappy. I tried different tools and gained experience for several years and until the day when I discovered the keys to a different, happy and healthy life. I became an artist of my life and created a life that makes me happy, healthy & successful.

I show you how to…
  • better know yourself, love your yourself and uniqueness
  • accept your differences and others and be more self-confident
  • stay true to yourself and with others
  • be seen and heard by others, communicate with yourself and others in an authentic way
  • feel good about yourself and dare to be yourself (reduce jealousy, fears, stress)
  • manage your deep emotions, increase your emotional intelligence, dare to express your feelings, feel your heart again
  • trust your intuition, develop your creativity and create an exciting and original life
  • spend more time with your spouse and family while having enough time for YOU
  • have more energy,  success and money.

 Did you know that there are simple, creative and highly efficient techniques for you that can help you to feel self-confident, safe, creative, beautiful & calm and create a different life that makes you happy, healthy and successful? 


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