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here is the test to help you check if you are an empath!

For reminder, this self-assessment is based on my intuitive insights my own experience as well as my observations, my expertise as expert for leading a happy, healthy & successful life, true love for INFP, highly sensitives, creatives, empaths, highly intuitives.

This self-evaluation is simple and allows you to definine with
12 criteria if you are an empath.

Go through the 12 criteria and decide for each if this describes you. If yes you give one point. You do this with all criteria and then you count your total points.


Here are the 12 criteria:

  1. I love spending time alone
  2. I love nature
  3. I can sense what others feel
  4. my senses are super developed feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing, smelling
  5. I can feel other’s pain
  6. I feel energy at places
  7. I like a beautiful athmosphere (nice restaurants, a beautiful office etc.)
  8. I love kind words
  9. I do not like networking
  10. I have a lot of plants at my home
  11. I have already wondered what having boundaries truly means
  12. I love spending quality moments with myself, others


Have you counted your total points?! Now you divide the total by 12 and you multiply with 100. This gives you a pourcentage. Attention this number gives you an indication, a tendancy. I give you an exemple, you have answered 11 questions with yes. This gives you 11 points. You divide 11/12  = 0,916 and you multiply with 100 = 91,66 %

This means currently you are 91,66 % empath. This test gives you a first indication. No matter what pourcentage you reach know you can be an empath anyway, even if you have a very low pourcentage!  If you feel empath, trust yourself, trust your intuition !

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