You are highly sensitive and creative?

Create a different, happy & healthy life now is for all highly sensitive & creative people who feel different and are struggling with being successful, happy & healthy in their private or professional life. I have been teaching highly sensitive & creative people around the globe for years and I am here today to show you how to be successful, how to create and lead a different, happy and healthy life. If you want to live and work with highly sensitives and creatives in an efficient and hamonious way, you are here at the right place, too.

Mood changes, a FALSE mask, too SENSITIVE, too AGGRESSIVE, too CHAOTIC, it is all too much, constant CONFLICTS, NO control over FEELINGS, totally EXHAUSTED, constant efforts, INSECURE, ALONE, UNIMPORTANT, misunderstood, INVISIBLE, DEPENDANT, NO MONEY, excluded…

Is this familiar to you? You’ve tried a lot, you fight, you have followed all wise advice and tools and nothing worked? You want to give up anything: your dreams, work, your relationship? Good that you are here.

I’m here to show you how to be
happy, healthy and successful.

My name is Julia Noyel, I am an Expert on highly sensitive and creative people and a certified coach and psychological counselor. From my own experience I know that everything we want is possible. I always succeeded in life when I did it very differently, when I followed my own path, when I did not listen to any advice from friends, books or mind tools. I’ve been living abroad for more than 10 years, working from home and around the world. I feel free, independent and live in my dreamland. I have a lot of time for myself, my family and friends and my numerous hobbies like writing, painting, reading and working in three languages from wherever I like.I followed my dreams and I live my own life.

Think you are ready?
Change your life NOW

I am here to help you and to support you. I am highly sensitive and creative and live a life today that makes me happy, and it has not always been that way. I changed my job several times, slipped from one unhappy relationship to another, went through a divorce, and struggled with my sensitivity for a long time. Whenever things did not go well, I tried numerous mind coaching tools and approaches to save my life and relationships and it got worse and worse. When my relationship and I once again were down, I decided to do it differently and better: different, simple and natural, I intuitively followed my heart and used my secret weapons: my sensitivity and my creativity. Within a couple of days, I freed myself from the sinking ship. I know what it’s like when it’s not working and today I understood how it works. I’m here to show it to you.

You are highly sensitive and creative? You feel different? It is your birth right to have SUCCESS, money, time, ENERGY, and TRUST, living on your own terms, having a great partner, starting a family, being independent and free, and courageous and to lead a creative and original life! Living in abundance is possible. Dare to follow your dreams and live your own highly sensitive and creative life.

Discover powerful techniques to attract Abundance, Love, Health and Happiness in Your Life!

 Let yourself be inspired 

I’ll show you what you can do instead of traditional methods and advice. I work with simple-creative, intuitive, natural and efficient tools that are FUN, that inspire and help you to feel safe, strong, self-confident, proud, creative, beautiful and calm and lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life.

You can it too! I show you how to…

  • shine and show you fully, to market and promote your self
  • strengthen your self-esteem, gain more (self-confidence)
  • accept differences and be more self-confident
  • be authentic in every situation and stay true to yourself and with others so that you are proud of yourself
  • be seen, heard and overcome conflicts (at work and with spouses and children), gaining respect, better handle criticism
  • create an environment (work environment, relationships, etc.) that makes you feel good, inspired, and proud
  • riding your emotions (reducing jealousy, reducing anxiety and stress) and become inspired and creative
  • To move forward with your creative projects and finalise them
  • have more time for yourself, your partner, your friends
  • attract more creativity, energy,  success and MONEY.





I work differently, creatively and intuitively and holistically. I help you to dissolve your blockages (mental, behavioral, emotional and energy blockages) and to go through life harmoniously – in the flow again.

Change your life now. Get instant access and learn comfortably on your own, check out my online coaching programs here…


You are highly sensitive and creative and you need someone to talk and a personal follow up? I offer personal training by phone, skype or face-to-face (depending on the location) all over the globe.

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