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There is a secret for living a happy, healthy & successful life. It is not easy. However, once you master the right tools, you will see opening doors to a life you always dreamed of.

You feel different and you are struggling with being successful, happy & healthy in your life. I have been teaching people around the globe for years and here you will find the tools you need to create and lead a different, happy, healthy & successful life. If you want to live and work with others in a more efficient way and create better relationships, you are here at the right place, too.

Mood changes, a FALSE mask, too SENSITIVE, too AGGRESSIVE, too CHAOTIC, it is all too much, constant CONFLICTS, NO control over FEELINGS, totally EXHAUSTED, constant efforts, INSECURE, ALONE, UNIMPORTANT, misunderstood, INVISIBLE, DEPENDANT, NO MONEY, excluded…

Is this familiar to you? You’ve tried a lot, life is a constant battle and nothing worked? You want to give up: your dreams, work, your relationship? Good that you are here.

You will get the tools you need
to lead a happy, healthy and successful life.

Julia Noyel is Expert in People Management & Self confidence. She is a certified coach and psychological counselor with for more than 14 years of experience in the business world in the field of people management, leadership, change management & international HR management within various industries such as retail, luxury, IT, service, pharmaceuticals, automotive and power. Julia is also lecturing at several famous Business Schools & international Schools in Lyon and Paris area and training Managers and Employees “On how to develop their intuition in the work place”. She is author of the practical guide ‘Black sheep live better: how to realise your dream life step-by-step’ with instant tips for a different, happy, healthy and successful life.

My turn : Your secret to a happy, healthy and successful life?

I am highly sensitive and creative and today I live a life that makes me happy, and it has not always been that way. I changed my job several times, slipped from one unhappy relationship to another, went through a divorce, and struggled with my sensitivity for a long time. Whenever things did not go well, I listened to my family and friends advice, and it got worse and worse. When once again I was down, I decided: different and better. Within a couple of days, I freed myself from the sinking ship and discovered powerful tools that fit my highly sensitive & creative personnality. I know what it’s like when it’s not working and today I figured out how it works. I know that we can create at anytime a life that makes us happy, healthy & successful with the right attitude, skills & tools. I’ve been living abroad for more than 10 years in my country of dreams, living in an environment that corresponds to my personal needs, having deep relationships, working from home, having clients worldwide, doing a job I am passionate about working in English, French and German. I feel free, having a lot of time for myself, for my family and friends and my numerous hobbies. I created a life that fits me. So you can, too.

Think you are ready?
Change your life NOW

It is your birth right to have LOVE, SUCCESS, money, time, living on your own terms, having a loving partner, starting a family, being independent and free and to lead a creative and original life! Living in abundance is possible. Dare to follow your dreams and live your own life.

Discover powerful techniques to attract
Abundance, Love, Health and Happiness in Your Life!

 Let yourself be inspired 

Here you will get simple-creative, intuitive, natural and efficient tools that are fun, inspire and help you to feel safe, strong, self-confident, proud, creative, beautiful and calm and lead a different, happy, healthy and successful life. You not only get tools that will make you feel better immediately, but tools you can use over and over again, every single day.

What you can expect. You’ll discover ways to:

  • know & understand yourself, strengthen your self-esteem, gain more (self)-confidence
  • shine and show you fully, know how to market and promote your self
  • live a healthier life, feel better in your body, be more centered, become aware of the causes for your pain
  • attract the positive, get rid of negative energy & beliefs, protect against toxic people & situations
  • create better relationships, understand & handle people with different personnalities
  • be authentic in every situation and stay true to yourself and with others so that you are proud of yourself
  • be seen, heard and overcome conflicts (at work, with spouses, children, friends), better handle criticism
  • create an environment (work, relationships, etc.) that makes you feel good, inspired, and proud
  • ride and express your emotions (reducing jealousy, reducing anxiety and stress)
  • feel calm and secure, energetic, autonomous and happy
  • achieve your goals, move forward with your creative projects and finalise them
  • have more time for yourself, your partner, your friends
  • attract more Love, Happiness, Passion, Energy, Success and MONEY.





Dissolve your blockages (mental, behavioral, emotional and energy blockages) and to go through life harmoniously – in the flow again.

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