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Highly sensitive – How to stop yelling and manage your anger

Highly sensitive - How to stop yelling and manage your anger By Julia Noyel

How to Stop Yelling and Control Your Anger

So how to stop yelling and control your anger?
After having asked this question to myself for years, I finally came to the conclusion that the question was not the best to change things and get the truth. When I stopped asking me this question and asked myself better questions instead, things good finally better.

“A better question to ask yourself and solve things definitely might be “Why do I attract situations in which I am not respected and heard?” – Julia Noyel


Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life


I believe, a better question to ask yourself and solve things definitely might be
Why do I attract situations in which I am not respected?”


Once I started asking myself better questions and working on the root causes of the WHY I attracted that kind of situations into my lifen my life changed completely and I finally succeeded in creating peaceful relationships and find true love and romance back into my life.

Stop yelling and control your anger. Free your inner SUBSTANCE!

Once you stop working on managing and controlling your anger and start working on the reason I believe your life will completely change as did mine. In my 10 months program ‘get true love back – success on ALL level, I will share with you the exact strategy I have used to finally overcome ALL issues and definitely change my love life. You will learn how to create a solid foundation for having true deep love and romance back into your life, a peaceful relationship and create a different, happy, healthy & successful life on a sustainable basis. In my program, you will learn how to detect harmful situations early and let go of any fears that might hinder you to create a peaceful relationship where you are respected and heart. Check out my program here…

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6 Strategies to increase your HSP self-esteem and deal with people who reject your high sensitivity

8 Strategies to increase your HSP self-esteem and deal with people who reject your high sensitivity
Discover 8 Strategies to increase your HSP self-esteem and deal with people who reject your high sensitivity

Let’s discover 6 strategies to increase your HSP self-esteem and deal with people who reject your high sensitivity. Your HSP and you have low self-esteem? You are wondering how to survive as a highly sensitive person in a world that does not always understand how and to which degree we can feel the emotions and suffer from our sensitivity? In this article, you will learn 8 strategies to deal with people who reject your high sensitivity. If you are a highly sensitive person, you might often feel rejected by people around you who tell you that you are too sensitive.  As a highly sensitive person, I know how you feel. Being rejected for who we are can be a violent feeling, especially being rejected for our high sensitivity. People tell us to be less emotional because they cannot handle our strong emotions and often leave us with a feeling of being a bad person, inferior or just not good, not ok. And we try to change, to adapt. I tried for a long time to change until the day, I learned to accept my HSP personality. From this moment, I met more people who accept my high sensitivity, too. So how did I do this? Well instead of doubting myself, trying to change or to adapt to other people, I learned to increase my HSP self-esteem and to better deal with people who rejected my high sensitivity.

If you are HSP and you suffer from low self-esteem, here you find 6 Strategies to increase your HSP self-esteem and deal with people who reject your high sensitivity:

1. Chose with whom you are talking about your feelings and not

From my experience, if you are a highly sensitive person (HSP), it is important to choose with whom you are going to talk about your deep emotions. People are different and not all people are able to hear, get or understand your strong emotions. Especially rationals have really difficulties to listen to your emotions. People who reject your high sensitivity do not know what it means to feel. It is scary for them. Therefore choose wisely with whom you are going to talk about: “I feel.”

2. Forgive others

Often this is not bad faith of people if they say “you need to be less sensitive”, even the contrary, people want to protect you, because they do not want you to suffer, because they know that the world can be cruel. And they think (because this is what they have learned) that feeling is dangerous. Also, they do not think like you, they do not think about the meaning of the words they use.

3. Know that you are ok

It can be confusing being surrounded by so many people who tell you to be different. It is important to foster a strong mindset and increase your self-esteem to remind yourself: Let me remind you: you are ok as you are. If you feel strongly, there is a reason for it. Listen to your feelings. You can reprogram your brain to love your high sensitivity. I created a free video with subliminal messages reprogramming your brain, changing your beliefs. By watching it you will feel immediate relief.

4. Excuse if you behaved badly

Sometimes it might happen that we have a conflict with others, people might reject us, because we behaved badly. This is ok. Everybody can make an error. Make the difference between your high sensitivity and bad behavior. If you behaved badly (called names, criticized someone, yelled etc.) excuse. If you have rage or anger issues, you can learn to better handle your anger. There are efficient and powerful methods to help you to shift your old conditioning and calm your mind here with this powerful tool.


5. Learn tools to protect your HSP soul and to handle your high sensitivity

When we are an HSP we often try to cope with tools that people who are not highly sensitive recommend to us. This does not work. You need to use tools that fit your high sensitivity. The first step is to do self-healing, love and accept your high sensitivity by reprogramming your mind.

6. Create a strong inner self

To be happy, healthy and successful and increase your self-esteem and self-confidence you need to build inner SUBSTANCE.

You can learn

  • how to create a different, happy, healthy & successful life 
  • to like your sensitivity and how to be authentic
  • how to love yourself fully
  • how to better know yourself
  • how to dare speaking up for yourself
  • how to stop wanting to please others
  • how to say ‘no’ and respect your boundaries

For more information click here…


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How to attract success and money and realize your dream life

how to attract your ideal life


You finally have created it?! Your IDEAL job, the job you always wanted! Only problem you are struggling with is attracting money and success into your life? Because this was your aim, wasn’t it? Doing the job you truly love, have enough time AND money. So you ask yourself how to attract finally and easily money and success with the job you always wanted to do? I truly can relate to this.

After having finally created my ideal job, I was wondering how to earn money. Whereas with my first business, truly inspired by Tim Ferriss, I had reached my goal of working 5 hours per week still having enough money, I now spend all my time on my work having no clients, and no money!

One evening after 12 hours in front of my screen, I was thinking “why is it so painful and so much effort, work should not be like this!” What had happened?

I suddenly remembered a time when everything was easy; life was so beautiful. Things came to me easily. I felt so good. Customers called me. Success and money came to me quickly each time I needed new clients or money. I had plenty of work and a 6 figure income, just within one year after having started my own activity and only working a few hours per week.

So what could have happened?

It felt like punishment to me wanting to make the world a better place and doing something I truly cared for. Why, after this easy-going time, I experienced life suddenly so differently? Was this fair? Now as I had finally created MY ideal job, why things turned 180 degree….AND in the wrong direction?

Is this familiar to you? Have you changed your job to do what you really want and tried hard to attract money and success into your life and suddenly things are not working out as before? Do you have the impression trying hard, tired, never having enough money?


“What was helpful to me was to change my perspective, overcome the blockages, understand who I am and find creative ways to motivate myself.” – Julia Noyel


Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life

From my experience and intuitive insights, I believe it would be helpful to ask yourself:

  1. Do I feel discouraged to start from scratch and do it all over again?
  2. Do I have any fears of change and lack self-confidence?
  3. Might I have been deceived by any people I love who wanna be helpful but giving me harmful advice or behaving in harmful and disempowering ways?


From my observations, many of the people who successfully realize their dream life, are successful and become wealthy use powerful spiritual tools and are enduring and persevere; They are connected to the divine they manifest their ideal life by using powerful tools also athletes use. They have a clear vision and a specific mindset, a strategy, and an approach that works best for them, precisely as I did when it all worked fine. They use a method that suits their creative personality, they believe in themselves, and it’s their attitude and positive thoughts that help them to attract their dream life, success, and money. They are in a flow.

From my experience, if you want to attract your dream life, you need to be in this flow and use an approach that is in line with your intuitive, romantic and spiritual personality.

In my 10 months intensive transformative program get true love back – success on all levels, I share with you the strategy I have used to shift my energy and set a solid foundation for realizing my dreams of true deep love and romance and attracting success, happiness, and money back into my life. I will show you how to do it your WAY. You will learn overcome obstacles to change and accept unpleasant feelings. How to focus your energy to succeed. I used my own spiritual strategy to manifest and it worked perfectly well. I will share with you my wisdom and empower you to develop your own wisdom. So you will feel confident. If you want to know more about, please feel free to check it out here.


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If you want to change your life don’t do this

Do you know the following situation? You are unhappy, in the morning you have trouble getting out of your bed, you have stomach or back pain when you think about work, your workday is monotonous, your weekends consist of cleaning and going to the grocery store?  You would like to change your life, you have no concrete plan, but you are quite clear about which kind of life you would make you happier, you would like to change, but sometimes you have some minor doubts about your intention as your ideal life seems so different to other people’s lives. So in moments of doubt, you call your family – maybe your mom, your father, your sister or your brother or your friends – and you ask them for advice, and you follow their advice instead of realizing your dreams. In this article, I share with you the mistakes I made and that hindered me to follow through with my dreams and how I got out of it.

If you’re like most people, and I was like this too, by the way, chances are high that you are get easily influenced by other people. The majority of people who want to change their life never really succeed in their projects because they are seeking advice from other people, getting influenced and confused about what to do. They lack a strong inner self. Especially when you were raised by controlling and dominant parents, your brain is programmed to rather listen to others than to yourself. People lacking a strong inner self get easily overwhelmed by other peoples’ thoughts, energies, and emotions. The problem is most people still do the same they did when they were a child. They listen to the opinions of other people or waiting for approval from others. The thing is: Most of the people around us such as our friends or family don’t know what is best for us and won’t approve of our dreams, especially if they are quite different from what exists in this world and community.

Maybe you are quite clear about which kind of life you would like to live, but sometimes you have some minor doubts as your life seems so different from other people’s lives and what people are telling you what is best for you. You might lack self-confidence and have low self-esteem so in moments of doubt you call your family – may be your mom, your father, your sister, or your brother or your friends – and you ask them for advice. And they give you advice AND you listen to this advice or get angry at them but stay stuck. The problem is most of the time what they tell us is not adapted to our personality and needs. Why? Because they are different.

Do you want to know why many people fail
in the 

What helped me to change this pattern is to know myself very well, my needs, and my values. And to learn how to protect against other people’s thoughts, opinions, emotions, energy! Especially if you are a highly sensitive person and an Empath as I am, you might have never learned to make the difference between you and others. Most people don’t know how to listen to their gut feelings, their intuition. They have no guidance, no strategy, no plan. They are completely lost.

Here are the skills I acquired in order to successfully realized my dream life and I would like to share with you:

  1. know yourself very well, your beliefs, your needs, and values
  2. know how to protect against other people’s thoughts, opinions, energy, and emotions
  3. know how to listen to your intuition and to follow it-
  4. know how to listen to your body because our body is our compass. Our body knows very well what is good for us and if we are heading in the wrong direction
  5. have a plan and a strategy

So if you want to succeed in your project to change your life and live a different happy, healthy, and successful life, what was helpful to me and I believe can help you too is to learn those skills. With those skills, my life completely changed. And yours can, too. I suddenly felt strong on the inner side. Sometimes it’s about small changes, but those small changes make a huge difference. If you want to learn to know yourself better and learn those tools please feel free to check out my shop where I propose different programs to give you access to all strategies and tools I used to create a solid foundation for a happy, healthy, and successful life.

Julia Noye founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful lifeJulia Noyel is founder of art of a different, happy, healthy & successful life and art of different, happy, healthy & successful employees. She is a highly sensitive & creative person, empath and certified coach & psychological advisor, consultant & trainer and expert in self-confidence, for highly sensitive and creative people, INFPs and empaths. Watch powerful free tools on her youtube channel. Her mission is to help as many people as possible to live a different, happy, healthy & successful life.

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Highly sensitive & creative – Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

You are highly sensitive and you want to improve your anger & rage management – you want to know how to stop yelling at your spouse, your children, at work? Are you highly sensitive and creative and quite expressive, even explosive! (-: Also when it comes to anger? Do you feel completely frustrated and you think you will never get any control over your intense emotions? I have good news. You can be highly sensitive and manage your anger, stop yelling at your spouse, children or coworker. Yes, you can. Being highly sensitive myself and having trained and coached many people, I have, after many years of error and trial finally figured out how and I can tell you that it is possible.

Why you can’t stop yelling despite your efforts

You have put a lot of effort into trying to change things, stay calmed and relaxed but you still fail and continue screaming and yelling at your spouse, children, etc. Your problem: the rage goes up so fast, surprises you, and becomes uncontrollable! You find yourself screaming or yelling at your spouse or child even after having worked for years on improving, using emotional intelligence etc, becoming defensive easily. You look more like a bulldog than a highly sensitive person and you hate yourself! You are wondering what the…is the secret of staying calm? Why are others so good at keeping calm and control over their emotions? Besides, you only meet people perfectly mastering their emotions while you jump as stung by a tarantula? You are wondering when you will finally manage to control your emotions, especially your anger? You feel frustrated.

Being highly sensitive myself this was my case and it took me over 40 years before I could figure out the real thing and change things on a permanent and sustainable basis. Having also trained many people in the last years, I have seen many people who feel like you and me. And most of them had (and I had, too) a misconception about how to control anger and better manage their emotions. Often they did not know what caused them to have such intense temper tantrums, they all did things that made their situation worse. I did, too!

Anger & Rage Management – How to stop yelling forever at your spouse

The thing is that as a highly sensitive person we have often heard to be less sensitive, to less express our emotions. You might have been told for years that you are not ok as you are. Your sensitive needs have not been respected for years. There is so much frustration that you built up in yourself that if someone tells you that you are too sensitive, tells you that your emotions are not ok, or does not take into consideration your needs.

You have so strong and deep emotions that you are unable to control them rationally, especially in moments when you are already over-stimulated.  If you have already tried different techniques to better handle your anger like breathing, doing yoga, counting until ten, express your anger calmly and it does not work, because your emotions are so deep you struggle with getting them controlled with pure mind tools. Most advice you find on the internet or in the literature is about how to identify your emotions, how to better manage them, and how to recognize emotions in others, how to express them. These tips are great and they work occasionally depending on the context. Often they are not enough, because those strategies are rational, and once submerged by the emotion, you will have trouble managing the situation rationally.

I believe, if you want to better manage your anger and stop yelling you need to work on a deeper level, the root cause. While working on my project of getting true love back into my life and after having developed and used my SUBSTANCEMIND approach I finally could figure out what was the true reason for my anger issues and how to solve the issues permanently. Check out more here.